Our garden furniture goes walkies…

On Thursday morning (26th April) at 6.22am this kindly gentleman reversed his van into our car park, opened the gate at the side of the pub, and promptly helped himself to 24 brand new chairs with a value of £600.

This kindly soul then jumped back into his van and made off with his ill-gotten booty.

Whilst we were a little remiss not having barbed wire all over the place, we had actually become quite attached to our new chairs, and now have nothing to sit on to soak up all the wonderfully good weather we’re having at the mo…

However our friendly thief was good enough to pose for the cctv cameras both at the front and rear of the building, and backed his van up right under the nose of one of the cameras (clearly not the sharpest ‘tool’ in the box).

So if you recognize the van, or know someone who might be trying to flog 24 new chairs, we would be very grateful if you could point him in our direction…we quite fancy a word with him…


Beware the nasty yellow line!!

So, here it is, the not-so-humble single yellow line, and it appears that this silent little road marking is causing some of our guests a not inconsiderable level of consternation at the end of a convivial evening. Why is this?

Because our friendly neighbourhood traffic wardens are out until MIDNIGHT giving cars parked on the small section of yellow line to the right of our entrance, £110 fixed penalty charges. So PLEASE don’t ruin your evening by allowing yourself to get a ticket – after all you would do much better spending the money with us! Hooraayyyy!!